Thursday, May 3, 2018

Immigrants Are Learning The New Zealand Culture

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For immigrants, it is essential that they are able to have the knowledge as per what usually happens in the country that they would be moving to. With that, they would be able to learn and know how to act. Of course, it would not be cool for a newcomer to actually go and do something that would not be accepted in the place that they are in.

In the case of New Zealand, the world knows it to be quite a good country to be in especially for immigrants. The nation has been built by immigrants and so having new people around is not something new to them there. However, the country still has its quirks and has its rules that may not be frowned upon in one’s home country. This is why some immigrants have dished out on what potential newcomers may have to deal with when they are there. This, of course, has been done not to scare off all of those people but to actual help them be prepared for what may be coming next.

Respecting one’s place of work.

For people in New Zealand, it is frowned upon when a person actually leans on a desk that is not theirs. It is also not good for someone to sit on someone else’s desk. The very reason for this is that this is some kind of disrespect and should not avoided at all costs. For the locals of New Zealand, desks are places where they work and they need to focus there. This is why having someone else touch it is some kind of disrespect for them as they can “contaminate” the place. So the best thing to do for this one is to make sure to stay away from a desk as long as it is not theirs.

How about shoes?

When it comes to “contamination”, locals of New Zealand have the same principle as shoes. They believe that shoes can pretty much “contaminate” one’s surroundings – especially if it is a place that is pretty personal like one’s home. That is why it is important that immigrants understand that before entering one’s home, it is important to leave their shoes out. Taking off one’s shoes before entering a house is a way of respecting that person’s house. The same principle goes for sacred places. Unless otherwise told to keep one’s shoes on, take them off.

New Zealanders are not Australians.

New Zealanders are usually confused to be Australian. Some of the locals are not happy about that. But in any case that an immigrant may call one Australian, the best thing to do would be to quickly apologize for that. The locals would definitely not keep a grudge as it may have been an honest mistake.

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