Thursday, May 17, 2018

Immigrants In Canada May Reach Around 1 Million By 2020

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A good portion of the world may be wanting to become an immigrant in Canada. And from this group, a huge percentage would be working really hard to make sure that they are able to send in the application that is needed to be able to get to the country. Of course, the application is just one thing – it is still important to make sure that all of the requirements would be fulfilled.

According to a newest study, the country just may have around a million immigrants by the year 2020. This is not a surprising thing with the country putting a limit to the minimum number of immigrants of that it is accepting each year. In other countries, they have put a limit to the maximum number of immigrants that they would be allowing each year. This is a complete opposite to that of Canada’s. And as per the newest study, of the total number of immigrants by 2020, more than half of those will be joining the country via economic programs for immigration.

The numbers of the study

The study had also shown projections with the use of numbers. It is said that by 2036, the country would be home to five big cities that would have the biggest number of immigrants who would be living there. The numbers show that Toronto would be having the largest portion of immigrants in it. It is estimated to be between 46% and 52.8%. Vancouver comes next and the immigrant population here is project to be about 42.1% and 48.5%. Up next is Calgary which would have an immigrant percentage of 32.7% and 40.8%. Montreal would by then be home to immigrants that range from 28.4% to 34.2%. As for Winnipeg, the projected amount of immigrants living there by 2036 would be between 29.2% and 40.5%.

It has also been shown in the study that the immigrants who would be in Canada by 2036 would be of Asian descent. This means that there are more and more Asians who would be interested in joining the country.

The projections for 2036

Experts who have looked at the data say that if the present trends in immigration in Canada continue, it is highly likely that by the year 2036, the population of immigrants in Canada would have a huge portion of Asians. These are those that have been born in Asia and they would take up 55.7% up to 57.9% of the whole population of immigrants. This is going to be higher as in 2011, the recorded number of Asians in the immigrant population in Canada was only 44.8%.

The population of Europeans would go down though. In 2011, the recorded number was 31.6% but in 2036, the projection shows something from 15.4% to 17.8%.

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