Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Canada Citizenship Judges Now A Total Of 14

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For those immigrants who are working their way towards being a citizen of Canada, there is good news. Recently, it has been announced that there are now a total of 14 judges that work on citizenship in Canada. This is actually a big increase as the previous total was only five judges. The government of the country has decided to add more citizenship judges to help make citizenship work faster for those who are interested.

This move has happened just a few months after the government has decided on not being too strict on all the requirements that are needed to get that prized citizenship to Canada. This is definitely good news for all immigrants in the country who really want to be citizens. This means that there are going to be a faster route towards becoming a citizen of the country as compared to years before. And with more citizenship judges working on the process, there would be more individuals served.

The most recent news

The announcement of this recent development in citizenship in Canada had come from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC). The announcement came with the information on appointing the additional nine judges that would be joining the current five judges who do work on citizenship. One of the judges actually had a re-appointment which means that this person would have to serve yet another term which started on the 17th of May this year.

Carl Beauchamp works as the spokesperson for the IRCC. In an email, Beauchamp has stated that the new appointments are actually to make sure that all the operations that are needed for citizenship would be actually met and fulfilled. The process would be done all around the country where citizenship ceremonies are needed and where new citizens are more than welcome. Immigrants who have been working hard towards getting a citizenship status are more than happy to learn about this as it means that they have bigger chances of getting their goal and a faster route to take.

A little bit of history

Back in October of 2017, there were new rules on citizenship that were applied in the country. The updates that time meant that there would be much lesser number of years needed to be able to get a residency status for each individual who would like to be a citizen. Before that, immigrants would have to stay in the country for four years in six years before being able to apply for citizenship. The rules then changed to make that four years become three years in five years. This has sent a lot of immigrants rejoicing knowing that they did not have to wait that long for them to be able to send in their applications to get to their goal.

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