Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How Well Would One Fare In UK’s Citizenship Test?

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Immigrants in the United Kingdom who have been dreaming of getting the status of permanent resident have been quite nervous about the whole process. They would have to deal with following all the rules and all the requirements so that their way towards the goal would be a lot easier. However, the part of the process that can be really nerve-wracking would be taking the Citizenship Test that the country requires all of those who would like to get their goal.

The test does not necessarily have to be just what most people would think it would be – some kind of really difficult test that can only happen in the really top tier questions on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'. But the thing is, this test is really all about the United Kingdom and it really has been designed to filter out those who have learned a lot about the country that they deserve to have the status that would be awarded to them in case they do pass all of the requirements that have been set.

So what exactly can be inside the test? Well, experts have been looking at the quiz and have been seeing just what could possibly come out in the exam. Here are some of the potential questions and maybe can help those immigrants who are preparing to take said test.

What is the official name of the country?

In any case, immigrants would have to choose the official name of the country without consulting any reference books or sources. Would it be England? Or Great Britain? Or Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Or The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Or The United Kingdom? Which would be the best answer?

The answer to this question would be The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The explanation to this would be that the country is made up of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. And thus, the name.

New citizens swear loyalty to whom?

The options would include the Parliament, The Queen, Winston Churchill, and the Prime Minister. Well, the correct answer would actually be The Queen. If those who took the test chose all other options except The Queen, then they would not be getting a correct answer. The loyalty and allegiance of new citizens to the UK does not only mean The Queen but also her heirs as well as her successors.

Who built the Tower of London?

The Tower of London was built by who? Would it be Dame Zaha Hadid, Sir Norman Foster, Lancelot Brown, or William the Conqueror? The answer to this question would be William the Conqueror. William had started building the structure in 1066 when he became the king of the country.

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