Monday, June 4, 2018

Provincial Nominee Program Of Canada: 20 Years Of Helping Immigrants

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Canada has, for years, been a very popular destination for immigrants. Of course, it is not just about planning and then moving to the country as an immigrant. Those who would like to be immigrants have to make sure that they are able to fulfill all the requirements that the government is asking to be able to move there. Without approval, becoming an immigrant would not be possible.

One of the top programs for immigration that Canada has is the Provincial Nominee Program, which is also known as the PNP. The country has been using immigration programs to bring in the needed people in the country. Immigrants are a big deal in Canada and these newcomers to the country actually help the country in many ways. The PNP has been around for 20 years already and it has helped the country greatly by bringing in the needed immigrants as per the requirements of the different provinces.

The start of the PNP

Among all other immigration programs in the country, the PNP actually has been one of the successful ones. In fact, if it was not being successful, then it would not be functioning still. It has been 20 years already since it was put together and it still is up and running as of now. It has been able to bring the right immigrants to the country and it seems like there is no stopping this program. It will continue to work and find the immigrants and bring them to Canada.

Experts who have been looking at the PNP believe that as compared to all other immigration programs that Canada has, PNP will definitely become bigger than it already is. The government has plans for the PNP and it will continue to grow in the coming three years. This definitely is good news and many aspiring immigrants are going to be happy about this.


For 20 years, the PNP has brought the immigrants to the country. It stands as one of the most important immigration programs that Canada has. In fact, it is the second largest in terms of helping the economy. It started back in 1998 and the first batch of immigrants through this program came to a total of around 200 individuals who became the first immigrants through this process.

The Canada government is planning on making the program even bigger and better. As per the plans, the PNP will be the one bringing in over 30 percent of economic immigration that the government has planned before. And that 30 percent is just for 2018 alone. It should be working on even better deals in the coming years. This is why potential immigrants should be quite happy to know all about this.

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