Thursday, June 7, 2018

Immigration Important To Canada Economy

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Canada has been receiving quite a huge amount of applications for potential immigrants each year. Of all the applications that they are receiving, the country is only able to give approval for those who are able to pass the requirements that they have set. Other than that, the applicants get a disapproval. Each year, plenty of applicants get the green signal and prepare themselves to make their way to the country. The good thing about immigration in Canada is that there are no limits as per the maximum number of individuals that the country will welcome each year. Unlike other countries, Canada has a limit on the minimum. So it does not matter how many immigrants make their way to the country. What is important is that it gets the minimum number.

The very reason why the country only has a minimum and not a maximum is that Canada really needs immigrants. One of the top reasons is that there is not enough people with the right skills that businesses in the country need. With that, they go looking for people from outside the country. Another benefit that the country gets from immigrants is that these new blood actually help bring the average age of the population up as without them, the average actually is quite high and that is not what the country wants.

The future of immigration

Experts who have been looking at the future of immigration in the country are more than happy to share that the country will definitely continue on bringing in new blood to the country. Immigration is a solution to some of the country’s problems and the government really sees its importance. As per Ahmed Hussen, the immigration minister of the country, it is now all about knowing just how much immigrants the country will be bringing in each year. The number would have to depend on just how much the country needs and the economy really benefits a lot from these new people.

Hussen has disclosed that immigration really helps with the economy. Without them, the country would not be growing its economy and that is definitely something that Canada would not want to happen.

The potential growth

A report has been done on immigration. As per the numbers, if the rate of immigration would be one single percent of the entire population of the country, come the year 2030, the current population that is aging would actually become better. The immigrants also would be contributing a great deal to the country’s economy. The report says that by 2030, immigrants would be able to bring in a third of the predicted average GDP growth. That is just how big immigration helps the Canada economy.

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