Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Zealand Minister On Immigration Initiates Consultation On Work Rights For Immigrant Students

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There has been news going around recently regarding immigrant students in New Zealand and their work rights right after they have finished their studies. The news has been revolving around just how much these new potential rules can actually make the immigrant students stop living in the country and move to their home country or to a new one basically because the laws in New Zealand would not allow them to do so anymore. Of course, this is just a plan but plans can definitely turn into real laws if allowed by the lawmakers.

On the other hand, international students in New Zealand are not happy just about how the potential rules can affect them. Making them leave the country is not going to be a good thing. These individuals have not just chosen New Zealand for the education but also for the fact that they can continue living in the country and getting the jobs that they want. That is why these international students have been adamant and have been vocal about just how the government should look into these potential new rules.

What the Immigration Minister is doing

The Immigration Minister of New Zealand knows how to listen. And that can be seen in what he has recently done. Iain Lees-Galloway is the person heading the immigration department and he has recently launched a consultation so much so that they can learn and study just how lives and how the country would be affected by the potential things that they have been planning. This is just how the minister is making sure that there would not be too much trouble and that sides are heard so the right decision can be made.

According to the potential new rules, those immigrant students in New Zealand who are in the country to study for two years or even less will not be able to pursue getting jobs in the country as they will not be having rights after their studies are completed. They will also not be able to get sponsorship from employers in the country. That is what could happen potentially if the policies on immigrant students go and change as lawmakers can do.

The potential rules

According to Lees-Galloway, the lawmakers are proposing such changes because the very goal would be to take out any exploitation that could happen to immigrants especially to those who have just finished their studies and are all quite raring to start working. The minister continued that the policy changes would help make sure that all immigrants who are in the country may be able to get residency as per their contributions to just what the country needs in terms of skills. This should also help make sure that there is no “false dreams” that usually come with immigrant students and their idealism. But it is good that the government is willing to listen and study the potential outcome on the issue.

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