Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More Lenient UK Immigration Policies Done To Help National Health Service Woes

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The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is also known as the NHS. It is the arm of the government of the country that provides health services, thus the name. Recently, it has been having some issues with finding the right people to do the jobs that would help them provide the health services to the public. This is why the government of the country is working on a plan to make sure that this helps put a stop to the issue.

The Home Office is working on a plan. This plan is to actually have more lenient rules when it comes to the medical staff who is working as part of the NHS. They are trying to put an exemption on those individuals who are working for the NHS and this exemption would be on the annual limit that comes with their visas. Those who would be part of the exemption are those skilled workers and skilled immigrants who are working for the NHS and are from outside the European Union.

The need for workers

In an recent piece of news just last week, the government of the United Kingdom has stated that they are working on an effort to put more lenient rules and policies on immigration especially for those nurses and doctors who are in the country and working as part of the NHS. This is what the government is doing as their effort to make sure that there are no issues in terms of lack of nurses and doctors serving the country.

After all, the NHS is run by the government and this should be addressed quite well with such a plan. The issue on lack of nurses and doctors under the NHS has actually become quite worse especially with more and more citizens of the European Union leaving the country as the exit of the UK from the EU would soon be happening. By having such a plan, the country could still be able to have the needed medical professionals and the health service and health care for the public would still be running smoothly.

The issues with the NHS

At present, the NHS has been working hard to be able to provide medical services to everyone who needs their help. However, there are definitely issues that the NHS is working with every day. The managers of hospitals from around the country have spoken that there are a lot of vacancies and they are having a hard time filling those vacancies. Because there are a lot less nurses and doctors, caring for patients were definitely not as good as it should be. But with a move from the government on immigrant workers who are part of the NHS, this should be given a solution and patient care would definitely be going up to good standards again.

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