Friday, June 15, 2018

Report Claims Canada Needs To Increase Immigration Rate

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For all of those individuals around the globe who are wishing they were immigrants in Canada, well this is probably going to be one of the best things that they would learn about all day. See, a recent report has mentioned that Canada really needs to have a higher immigration rate than what it is currently experiencing. The thing is, the country has already put a limit to their immigration rate and that is not just like other countries. Canada has put a limit to the minimum number of individuals that they would be accepting, and that means they should reach that minimum number per year. So the more immigrants come in, the better it is for Canada.

According to the report, the country should be able to bring up the minimum number of immigrants to the country to at least 415, 000 per year by the year 2030. This would help the country get a population average that is not aging. This should also help the country have an even better economy than what it is currently enjoying.

The report on immigration

The new study was done by the Conference Board of Canada and it was done just quite recently. The study had shown that if the country is able to increase its rate of immigration so that it reaches one percent of the total population of the country by the year 2030, this should have significant and positive effects on the country. One of the top problems that would be solved would be the current issue with an aging population that has been happening for quite sometime. These immigrants have also been quite helpful in bringing significant growth to the country’s economy.

One percent of the total population of the country would mean that there should be at least 415,000 new immigrants coming to the country by 2030. This number has been computed as the projection for the population of the country would be just right about 42 million individuals by that year. And to be able to achieve this minimum number of individuals by 2030, the government should start working on making sure that they are able to lure the needed people to the country.

As explained by the people behind the study

Daniel Fields and Kareen El-Assal are two of the authors of the study. According to them, the current trends in the demographics are actually showing them that the increase in the rate of immigration is going to be helping the country a lot. The immigrants are also going to be a part of the labor market and that would be very beneficial for the growth of the country’s economy. The study is going to be very helpful for the government in planning their next steps in terms of immigration.

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