Monday, June 25, 2018

Canada Pilot Program Aimed At Bringing Immigrants For Employment At Hotels

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Businesses may be powerful but they can also be quite invulnerable to problems and issues. Right now, in Canada, one of the top problems that businesses in the hotel industry have is concerns with employment. There are a lot of hotels in the country. And this varies from really top star hotels to ordinary ones. And all of them have problems with employment.

The hotel business is quite an important one in any country. They are the ones that house visitors and tourists and this helps the economy a lot. That is why the government of Canada has looked into the dilemma and is working on a solution so that the problem with employment would disappear.

According to recent news, the new program from the Canadian government is looking into making sure that the concerns on employment in hotels would be answered and given a solution. This is not just for the top cities of Canada but it is for the entire country. As per the information on the program, the government is looking into having a process that would bring in the needed employees and these would most likely be immigrants. It would mean opportunities for the individuals to be immigrants in Canada and also have the chance to have a good income through the services that they would be providing the hotels that would employ them.

The pilot program

What the government of Canada is planning is still a pilot program but every other program started this way. It has been recently launched and it is known as the Employing Newcomers in Canadian Hotels. According to the government, this program is likely to help bring the needed employees to the hotels. These potential employees would most likely be immigrants as well as refugees. These people would be able to get good jobs to help them with their finances. The hotel industry would also be benefiting from this as the needed people to do the labor would be available. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

Praises for the program

Susie Grynol works as the president of the Hotel Association of Canada. In a recent interview regarding the Employing Newcomers In Canadian Hotels pilot program, she mentioned that the association is really happy with the new program. She also mentioned that they are happy along with their partner, the Tourism HR Canada. They are all praises for the Canadian government for thinking of such a program that would help better the industry’s woes. This is a good program and it is very helpful for all of those hotels that really do need the employees to make the whole process of serving their guests quite smooth. Grynol said that she would like to thank the ministers behind the program as they have shown leadership as well as shown support to the industry.

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