Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Applications For Canada Citizenship Go Up After Changes In Policies

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The rules have changed for getting a citizenship in Canada and this has made the number of applications for such go up after the changes have gone out. This is definitely not a surprise as the government of Canada has decided to have more lenient rules when it comes to the language part of the requirements as well as the requirements on residency. This means that with the more lenient rules, those who are interested in being Canadian citizens can have a much higher chance of getting what they want and be called a citizen of this wonderful country.

The requirements to be able to be a citizen of Canada for all of those immigrants have definitely changed as the government has decided to relax some of its rules on residency as well as on language. With that, there has been an increase in the number of applications that the government has received. As per recent count, after the changes were made and put into action, the government has received around 17,500 applications for one week. This is definitely huge as the usual average is only 3,653 applications in a week.

The number of applications goes high

The changes to the rules in terms of applying for Canadian citizenship have been relaxed and made more lenient by the Canada government and this has taken place just this fall of 2017. After the rules have gone down a bit, the surge in applications definitely reached quite a spike. As per the data from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the official branch of the Canada government that deals with immigration, citizenship and such, when the changes were made last October 11, they were only receiving 3000+ applications each week. That number has definitely multiplied over four times after the changes were in place.

For the first week, there were 17,500 applicants that they had received with the changes to the rules already in place. A week after that, the number has gone down but it still remained high at 12,530 applications. This means that a lot of people have now become qualified to become citizens of the country after the policies have been changed regarding language and residency in the country.

Meeting the requirements

Nancy Caron has spoken on the changes. She said that lessening the rigidity of the requirements allowed more individuals to actually be able to meet all that were required of them to become citizens. The changes have been done so that more individuals would be lured into choosing to become Canada citizens. Caron works as a spokesperson for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. She continued that with the policy changes, immigrants in the country can continue to live there and not be worried as they can become citizens. The road towards getting that has been made easier for them.

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