Friday, January 19, 2018

Manitoba Canada Express Entry Program Sends Out Invites To First Batch Of Candidates

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The Manitoba Express Entry program is fairly one of the newest programs for immigration in Canada. Canada has been creating such programs to help out certain regions of the country that need more laborers and skilled workers. Of course, the government certainly makes sure that there are enough workers for the businesses to thrive and grow. The top choices would, of course, be the locals. However, if there is not enough skilled individuals in the country, then they would go and find those who may be able to fit the requirements from individuals from other countries.

Currently, the Express Entry program for Manitoba has already sent out the first batch of invitations. It has been able to send out invites to 155 individuals. These individuals have been given information on applying for a nomination to the province. This would be the first draw for the Express Entry for this region.

The first draw of the Express Entry Program for Manitoba

The very first draw for the Manitoba Express Entry program had happened on the 11th of January this year. This program is officially named the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (or the MPNP). It sent out 155 individual letters, which are known as Letters of Advice to Apply (or also known as the LAA). These LAAs were sent out to all the candidates that were eligible for the program. If an individual was not qualified and not eligible, then the letter would not be sent out to him or her.

To be able to be eligible, an individual must be able to have at least 565 points as their score. This would be based on the Expression of Interest, which is basically a system that the province uses. The 155 LAAs were actually part of the Express Entry part of the MPNP. Aside from these 155 LAAs, there were also 17 additional letters that were sent out to eligible and qualified skilled individuals. These individuals were invited not to be part of the Express Entry program but were actually invited under the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream. Another 119 individuals were also sent letters for the Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream.

What makes an individual eligible

The Express Entry Program of Manitoba has its own set of requirements for all of the individuals who may be interested in being an immigrant in Canada. According to the local government of Manitoba, this pathway is actually made for all of the individuals who have in them what they call as human capital values. This is an integral part of the requirements. Aside from that, these individuals must also have support which has been confirmed by a relative in the country or even a close friend who is also already in Canada.

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