Wednesday, January 17, 2018

UK Immigrant Students Bring More Benefits Compared To Costs, Study Claims

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A good amount of immigrant students are choosing to go to the United Kingdom to get the education that they believe they want. This is not just any random decision that they made. It is basically because the country is home to quite a number of world-renowned colleges and universities. By getting education from these institutions, one can be quite sure of the quality of education that they would be receiving. It would also ensure that if they apply for a job that they want after they finish their studies, they would have an advantage over other applicants as the school that they have graduated from bears the reputation of having the best kind of educational program.

The UK government spends money on these immigrant students and this has got plenty of people saying that the country should not really spend that much on this group as the money can be used for other more important things. However, a new report and study has been published recently and it says that these immigrant students in the United Kingdom are actually bringing in more to the economy of the country as compared to what the government has spent on them. This means that the students are quite beneficial to the country.

The pressure for Theresa May

The country’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, is now getting pressure from experts. This is because of the results of the mentioned study. Immigration numbers should not include the students from around the globe and that is what experts suggest. After all, the study has disclosed that the benefits of these individuals are actually ten times more than what the government has spent on them. This means that these individuals are really very beneficial to the country and in really big ways. The amount of money spent on them on the government can be considered to be investment and how they bring back help to the country’s economy is the revenue that the country is getting from its investment.

Looking at the economy of Britain, the study has been able to see that most almost all parts of this actually benefits from the money that the international students are bringing in each year. The total amounts to around £20 billion annually. That, indeed, is a huge amount and it is not surprising to say that this really helps the UK economy in a great way.

The study that was done

The study was actually made by the Higher Education Policy Institute along with the Kaplan International Pathways. To be able to get the information for the study, the groups actually checked out the costs that the country puts in for these immigrant students. They also checked out the benefits that they bring in to the country. The data has been studied and put together by constituencies of the parliamentary.

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