Monday, January 15, 2018

Assessments Of Immigration New Zealand Found With Errors, Improvements Made

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New Zealand has been one of the top destinations for a lot of individuals who are looking for a new country to start their new life in. And with that, a huge number of people have definitely made their way to the country. For some, they start out as students. For others, it is all about finding greener pastures as the pasture from where they are from just is not that green for their liking.

In terms of employment, in New Zealand, there are certain types of positions that the country is looking for. One of them would be those who can help out in the farming and agriculture industry. As the country is quite huge and spacious and has a lot of agricultural land, individuals who can help out do the work in this industry is highly sought after.

Another industry that really does need workers would be the information and communications technology industry. This is also known as the ICT industry and it has also been benefitting from immigrant workers.

The flaws with ICT assessment

The guidelines that have been set by the Immigration New Zealand have been reviewed. This is especially for those of the individuals of the ICT industry and their residence visas. This has been done after the government branch has been able to identify that they had some errors in the assessments. This is a really important thing for the branch as it allows them to further check if there is a need for changes and such. By reviewing and seeing any errors, they can then change them and correct them so that it would further improve the service that they provide.

The office has further mentioned that for the officers on customer support for this industry has also been improved. This has been done by giving these officers a bigger responsibility in making decisions. This would further improve the services that they provide and also be able to bring in the qualified and right individuals to the country as immigrant workers.

The numbers

As for the numbers, the statistics for immigration in NZ has shown that there were around 59 rejected applications for residency status. This is for the ICT industry and this has happened in last year’s financial period. It is twice the total of a year previously. In the last several months of last year, there were an additional 27 more rejections for residency.

It was thanks to an appeal from 15 immigrant workers that such a review has come into being. These individuals sent their appeal to the country’s Immigration and Protection Tribunal. The people behind this have been able to see that the appeal had its merits and thus the review had been done.

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