Monday, January 1, 2018

UK Sets More Lenient Rules For International Students To Get Work Visas

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To be an international student or a student immigrant in United Kingdom is something that does not happen quite easily for a lot of individuals. It does take a lot of requirements and it takes some time to process. However, once an individual becomes a student immigrant in the UK, the opportunities to learn are seemingly quite endless. International students can get access to world-class education and can be enrolled in one of the top and world renowned universities and institutes there.

In a recent update, all of the immigrant students and international students that are currently in Britain will be able to take advantage of a new process to getting work visas in the country. From having a visa as an international student, they can now enjoy more lenient rules to getting work visas. This is thanks to new rules for immigration that has been made and is set to be launched come the 11th of January this 2018. Now that definitely is good news as it takes a lot of time for these students to be able to get work visas and so they usually have to resort to going back home until their work visas are approved.

The new rules in immigration

The new rules for immigration will start working by the 11th of January this 2018. Those foreign students that are already in the United Kingdom can actually have a Tier 2 visa. This type of visa is also known as the skilled worker visa. The immigrant students can now go and have the Tier 2 visa when they have actually completed the course that they were taking in the country. This is definitely a big difference as the current rules must have them having a degree and then that is only when they can start applying for such a visa.

The old rules allowed the immigrant students to be able to have a short period to actually find work while they are still allowed to be in the country. This meant that the people can only get a short period to go looking for a job. And to be able to get a work visa, their course should be marked as completed and a degree has been given to them.

Work visa is not far from immigrant students’ reach

EY-UK is one of the UK’s biggest consultancies for businesses. In a newsletter that they had sent out recently, the change to the immigration rules should be good for immigrant students. According to them, the current rules would make the students wait for a good number of months before they actually are able to apply for such a visa. Now, they can make do with that time as they can easily move on to a Tier 2 visa.

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