Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Zealand Regions Getting More Skilled Immigrants

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There are countries in the world that need immigrants for a variety of reasons. One of them would be that there is not enough young people in the country and it needs more and more of those younger individuals or couples who can help with the aging population and add to the birth rate. This would mean that the future of the country would be ensured and that there would be enough youths to continue on and make the country become even better than what it is today.

Another big reason why countries are really interested in having immigrants on their soil is that there is not enough locals who can do all the jobs that are needed in the country. This may be because there may be just too many businesses and not enough locals to have them running smoothly. It is not a secret that businesses really need employees and without them, these businesses may not continue to grow and develop. Successful businesses are important to a country’s economy.

In the case of New Zealand, the country is quite happy as it has been able to have more and more skilled immigrants coming and these individuals are settling in most of the regions. This means that the skilled individuals are not just staying in one particular city or region but is in fact scattered all around the country and helping out in whatever way they can.

What the numbers say

Auckland is one of the country’s largest cities and the numbers show that five years ago, there were at least three out of five of skilled immigrants who chose to settle in this place. However, that has changed recently. The number has gone down. Only two out of five are choosing Auckland. So that means that immigrants are choosing other places aside from this NZ big city.

As per the data that was published by the Immigration New Zealand through their publication, the Herald, last year’s data reflected that there were around 12,106 immigrants in the country. Only 40 per cent of these stayed in the country’s capital. Now, these individuals have chosen not only Auckland but other regions of the country as well to settle down in.

The efforts are showing

The NZ government has been making plans and programs that would help change how immigrants are settling only in the top cities of the country. Now, these programs have definitely changed how immigrants are choosing to settle as they have started to scatter all around the country. This is as per the analysis done by Paul Spoonley recently. Spoonley works as an immigration expert, a professor, and a sociologist at Massey University in the country. He believes that the previous programs have worked and it has made sure that all regions of the country are getting the skilled immigrants that they need.

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