Monday, January 8, 2018

Canada Express Entry Great Option For Potential Immigrants With No Job Offer

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For most individuals who are interested in being immigrants in Canada, one of the easiest ways to be able to achieve that would be to find an employer in the country and get a job offer. This should allow people to have a really nice advantage over those who do not have job offers. The thing about having a job offer from a Canadian company or business is that individuals can be sure that they are going to be immigrants as there is a job offer. This is an advantage as the Canada government has already set programs that would bring in the needed immigrants for all of the needed positions that Canadians cannot fill.

Recently, one of the entry programs for Canada immigration has actually sent out word that those individuals who are interested in being immigrants and do not have job offers from a Canadian business or employer need not worry that they cannot really get and achieve their plans. The truth is, the Express Entry program of Canada is a good way to enter the country and most believe that they should have job offers. However, the people behind Express Entry has shared that they have sent out invitations to a huge amount of individuals who do not even have job offers in the country. Definitely good news.

No job offers, no worries

New statistics from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC and is the official branch of the Canada government that deals with immigration and such) have reflected that job offers are really not much a necessity as they sent out around 90% of all the invitations to individual candidates who did not have a job offer from a Canada business or employer. These invitations were sent out during the first half of last year.

The IRCC have also continued to disclose that the candidates for the Express Entry program who also did not have a job offer have been the receiving end as beneficiaries. They were the beneficiaries of the improvements to the whole system as per how rankings are done and made for all candidates to the program. These are really lucky individuals as previous rules were more aimed at those who got the offers for jobs.

The difference in numbers

With the data from the IRCC, one can definitely see the difference. 90% is definitely huge as compared to the 62% that had received invitations back a year before last. The changes were all because of the reduction in the point system that were given as part of the Express Entry Program. The changes to the system and rules happened back in November of 2016 and were reflected the following year.

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