Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Zealand Pilot Program Aims To Assist Immigrants Settle

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New Zealand has been one of the world’s top immigration destinations. The numbers of immigrants coming to the country each year have recently gone up and that is not quite a surprise as the country is known to be quite a paradise especially for those who are not quite happy with the current country that they are living in. It is quite known for promoting work/life balance which is not that popular among most countries in the world. It is known to be really open to immigrants as well and makes sure that the newcomers feel right at home in their new country.

Recently, the government of NZ has created a pilot program which is aimed at helping out immigrants in their soil. The minister of immigration is even hopeful that such a pilot program would be successful in its goal. This program will be making use of organizations that are based in communities. They will be working on making sure that immigrants as well as refugees in the country get to have a positive experience in New Zealand.

The chosen groups

The government has already chosen four groups to help out with the program which is in its early stages. These four groups are based in churches. Their main goal is to actually help 25 individual refugees be able to settle well in the country. These refugees will be coming to the country by June of this year. The groups have already been informed about their new task and have also been given instructions on how the program should work and what they should do.

According to Iain Lees-Galloway, this kind of program has already been used in Canada and has been deemed to be quite a success. Lees-Galloway is currently the country’s Minister for Immigration. If this kind of program works well in Canada, it is definitely going to work well even in New Zealand, knowing the kind of culture that the country possesses.

Lees-Galloway has continued that if this program works well in New Zealand, they would be able to have more refugees living and settling quite well in the country. They would also be able to utilize well any resources that NZ’s communities have.

Giving the newcomers stability

The four church groups that have been chosen are from different parts of the country. Gleniti Baptist Church is in Timaru. Society of St. Vincent de Paul is based in Nelson. Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand can be found in Wellington. The South West Baptist Church is in Christchurch. These are the chosen groups.

The program, as per the Immigration Minister, has stated that it has been made so that there is enough support for those who need stability in the new country that they are treading in. With a good support system, the immigrants can definitely become adapted and be better citizens of the country.

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