Friday, December 29, 2017

Immigrant Workers In Canada Recognized As Important Part Of Food Industry

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Immigrant workers in Canada are now given the recognition that they deserve. Especially those immigrant workers who are a part of the food industry in the country. This is because the country believes that these individuals really give a good amount of contribution to helping the country be fed and eat well. After all, it is not a secret that food is a very basic thing that all individuals need. And if a country’s residents and citizens are not fed well, one can definitely be sure that these people will not be able to contribute well to the country’s well-being and instead may bring about a lot of chaos.

As they say, hungry people are not the best type of people to deal with as their basic need is not met. However, for individuals who have met their basic needs, one can definitely be sure that they will be model citizens and will be able to contribute greatly to the country through the work that they do and the contributions that they can bring to the country through their expertise and skills.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a program from the Canadian government that helps bring in the individuals needed so as to be able to do the jobs that are vacant. This is basically for those who are part of the food industry. The problem with those who have come to Canada through this program is that immigrants are not given much benefits as compared to all other types of immigrants in the country. That is why immigrant workers through this program have to deal with the everyday living problems like an unsecure future for their families since they would not know just what to feed them.

Those who work in farms cannot be a permanent resident of the country but they can only be such if they get married to a citizen of the country. It is still the same old system where bosses rule high and mighty over the lowly farmers. However, the government now sees the kind of situation these people have and so they have decided to work on the program and be able to give the right benefits to those immigrants under such a program in Canada.

A new report shows up

A new report has shown up recently in Canada and it is from the Standing Committee. It has looked into the immigrant worker situation in the food industry and has seen just how important such jobs are. With that, by providing these immigrant workers the right benefits and the right recognition, these individuals can definitely do more and not be afraid of the future. If an individual has the right talent and skills to continue working in the farms, the government can make sure that this individual keeps his/her job. There is also a high chance of being a permanent resident of the country.

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