Friday, June 26, 2020

Entry In Germany: What Immigrants Coming To The Country Need To Know About

The Federal Foreign Office of Germany has recently sent out an explanation about the changes and tweaks in the country’s rules with regards to entering the country in the middle of the pandemic that has put a lockdown and travel restrictions to all countries around the world. Many countries have suffered from all of the lockdowns and the freezing of movements that are put in place to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Now, the countries are doing the best that they can to start reopening their borders, bringing in the needed immigrants and have tourism start back up. Germany is not any different and its government has created a plan to get things going once again.

It is important for any person traveling to Germany to know the rules so that they would know if they are allowed to get there. It would also help that they understand what to expect for any newcomers to the country given that many countries around the world impose quarantine for those who come from outside their territory. The rules in immigration and entry to Germany have changed as the response to the coronavirus outbreak also changes.

The exemption of the travel ban

One of the things that the government of Germany has done in response to the pandemic that has been creating havoc all around the world is to put a ban on all travelers coming to the country, especially those who are not part of the nations that are members of the European Economic Area. Of course, the country also has put in exemptions. Those who are exempted are the nationals of Germany, as well as the nationals of members of the European Union including close members of their families. The nationals of the countries Switzerland, Lichtenstein, United Kingdom, Norway, and Iceland including close members of their families are also exempted.

The last two mentioned categories are given permission to travel to Germany and through it if that is the way that they need to take to get back to their home country and if there are no other routes available during the lockdown. Individuals who have legal residency status in Germany are also allowed to enter the country. Those people who cannot give any kind of proof that their entry in Germany is urgent have been refused.

The need to undergo quarantine

As regulated by the government of Germany, people who are entering the country are required to undergo quarantine. Individuals who are also coming from countries like South Korea, Italy, China, Japan, or Iran should provide the government with information regarding their trip and that is when a disembarkation card will be given to them.

Immigrants who are allowed to enter Germany should be ready to go through more secure and strict checks. There will also be more questions that are comprehensive and immigrants and travelers will be asked such. Health checks are also going to be done as per the discretion of the federal government of the country.

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