Thursday, June 25, 2020

Which Immigrant Workers Can Now Enter Canada?

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has recently sent out an update with regards to the guidelines that would be very useful for all of the immigrants with work permits and who are exempted from the current strict rules so they can now enter Canada. It is important to keep in mind that despite the strict rules right now that have been in place because of the global pandemic, the government of Canada has disclosed that it is still up and open for applications. The IRCC is accepting new submissions and they are also processing them.

The travel restrictions are still in place in Canada however, the government of the country understands that it needs immigrant workers. And that is why it has worked out a plan that would allow the country to bring in the essential immigrants who are quite important to the economy of the country. To clarify things, the IRCC has shared information to help guide individuals and know which immigrant workers are exempted from the restrictions.

The exemption from restrictions

The travel restrictions in Canada started on March 18th and it was put in place so that the COVID-19 disease would not spread fast and wide over the population. It is still in place and would end on the 30th of June. In the midst of all these, those who have work permits have been exempted from the restrictions given that they are traveling to the country because of important reasons and this is known as essential travel.

The guidelines on this have been given out by the IRCC so as to help give clarification to many people around the world who may have work permits in the country. It is important that people should know what is known as essential travel and what is not to avoid further movement of people and save everybody the trouble and avoid getting the virus which can be deadly. With such a clarification, people are able to know when they can travel to Canada and if they cannot so they can stay home and be safe.

Immigrant workers with a work permit

All immigrant workers who are classified as temporary foreign workers and are outside Canada are exempted from the travel restrictions as long as it is for essential travel. These individuals can be people who are citizens of other countries and have a work permit in Canada with them. They can also be individuals who have received an introduction letter from the IRCC but have not yet received their work permits from the country. Those who belong to the second category should be able to present that letter before traveling to the country. These individuals are the ones who do important and essential work in the country.

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