Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Salt Beef Bagels And Welsh Tea Breads: Two Foods That Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Try

Food is a necessity for every person and there are people who go on adventures with the goal of exploring new places and exploring new dishes. Think Anthony Bourdain and his travails in the various parts of the world where he shared with his audience the stories in those countries, the culture, and, most importantly, the food. Food is definitely a huge part of life and so immigrants in the United Kingdom and in any other country should learn the taste and explore the local food because that would be the only source of food that they have. They may want to eat food from their local country but that would be difficult to come by especially if they are in a new country.

That is why it is important that immigrants in the United Kingdom should try and be familiar with the local food that the country has to offer. The food in the country is delicious and it is all about learning to be adventurous and eat whatever is available there. After all, sustenance is something that they need and the local food is what would give them that.

With that said, here are two foods in the UK that immigrants in the country should try out at least once – the Brick Lane salt beef bagel (a traditional food), and Welsh tea bread (which is also known as bara brith).

Salt beef bagel from Brick Lane

Immigrants who are in the United Kingdom can take a visit to Brick Lane which is in London. It is a beautiful place to explore and the best spot to get the traditional salt beef bagel. The Jewish community of the country is the one behind this delectable meal and many of the locals have come to love this food.

This food was concocted back in the late part of the 1800s. They used boiled beef which is a staple in the country and then tweaked the whole thing by adding in some spices used for pickling (which is a reflection of the way food is prepared in Central Europe). The beef is then sandwiched in a warm bagel, along with English mustard. The end product is a beautiful meal that is not expensive and quite delicious. From that time on until present, the salt beef bagel has become a favorite in the country.

Welsh tea bread

This is also known as bara brith which actually is a Welsh term that means “speckled bread”. It is a classic bread that is served with British tea. It is baked using spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and then given additional dried fruits (like apricot, currants, and raisins). The end product is a bit moist but has a beautiful texture and has a flavor that really goes well with tea.

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