Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Immigration New Zealand To Help Immigrant Workers, Employers In Queenstown

Almost every person around the world has been affected one way or another by the pandemic that is caused by the novel coronavirus. That is why governments and even private citizens are doing their very best to help those that are affected as much as they can. Many private citizens have stepped up to help out. The government is also doing the best that they can to make sure that those who need help get the assistance that they need. This is what is happening in New Zealand and the government is set on helping out not only the locals but also immigrant workers and their employers.

One of the newest plans of Immigration New Zealand would be to send off teams to help provide support for immigrant workers and for employers in Queenstown. This is to help them be prepared as wage subsidies may already be stopped. This can have a great effect on them and thus it is important that the government does provide them help so they can be prepared when this happens.

The teams and the work that they will do

The teams will be working on a welfare hub which would be set up right in the Queenstown Lakes District Council. These teams will be composed of staff of Immigration New Zealand and their goal would be to assist temporary immigrant workers in New Zealand learn and understand the options that they have with regards to immigration. There will also be relationship managers who will be working to make sure that information is coordinated. Compliance officers would also be part of the teams and they will be the ones to provide the immigrants the information that they would need with regards to leaving NewZealand if they cannot stay there any longer.

The whole set up would be done starting Tuesday and would be there for three weeks. Wage subsidies would be ending a week after that. It is important that the people involved and affected would be given proper information and that they are able to know just what their options would be so they can decide what to do next.

Providing information

Geoff Scott works as the acting general manager of Immigration NZ. On this plan, he said that a huge amount of immigrant workers lost their jobs with the pandemic raging on. Scott continued that the teams that would be sent to Queensland would be there to help immigrants get their questions answered, especially for those who wish to stay in New Zealand. They are also there to provide the immigrant workers information on the potential job opportunities that would be available especially with the labor market now changing because of the pandemic.

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