Thursday, June 11, 2020

Language And Clothing: Things About Germany And Its Locals That Immigrants Should Know About

Before the newest immigrants in Germany make their way to the country, they would need to prepare first. There are plenty of things that they need to make sure that they have like clothes, meds, documents, and all other essentials that they need to bring with them to the country. They need to bring the essentials with them especially if these cannot be easily found or bought in the country.

Aside from these, new immigrants also need to prepare for their move to Germany. This means that they would not just prepare their stuff but they would also need to prepare themselves. They should have the mindset that they are going to the country and would be living there for some time. Plus, they also need to learn what they need to know about the country since they will be interacting with the people there. It is best to know how to act and understand the place that they will be living in.

Language and clothing are two of the things that immigrants should learn about the country. Read on and learn about them.

The language

More than 95% of the people who live in Germany speak one language – German. It can be the standard German or it can be any of the variations or the dialects of German. The country has also already recognized that there are four languages in the country that are considered minority. These are Lower and Upper Sorbian, Danish, Saterland and North Frisian, and Romani.

The country is home to plenty of immigrants who come from various parts of the world, thus one can find a number of languages being spoken there as well especially in communities. Other languages being spoken include Turkish, Russian, Albanian, Greek, Polish, and Kurdish. There are more other languages that one may find being spoken here.

The clothing

At present, the people who are in Germany dress just like most people around the world – garbed in western fashion. When they need to go to business meetings or attend to anything related to business, one can find them wearing simple suits in dark colors or maybe even dark shirts to go with the suits.

Although the usual get-up of people in Germany are western, there may be times when immigrants would find that some of them are wearing their traditional garb or traditional costumes. Each region has its own design in terms of traditional costume and they are all quite beautiful to look at. One good example is Bavaria, a state in Germany. For men, the traditional costume would be leather trousers that fall above the knee. For the women of Bavaria, they don a dress that has a bodice, a full skirt, a blouse, and an apron. These are usually worn during festivals.

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