Tuesday, June 9, 2020

New Zealand Is Exploring Potential Options To Bring Immigrant Students Back to The Country

New Zealand has been one of the top countries around the world for people who choose to take their education further. The country is home to many world-class universities that has helped plenty of people change careers, upgrade their careers, or simply learn new things that they have wanted to learn. However, because of the pandemic that has been brought about by the novel coronavirus, New Zealand had to close its borders to help stop the spread of the virus. Among those who have not been able to travel to the country are immigrant students.

Recently, universities in the country are already thinking of possible ways of helping their immigrant students make it back to the country despite the lockdown. Among those plans include using chartered flights to get the immigrant students back and so they could start working on their programs again. The Australian Chamber of Commerce, in the meantime, has given a suggestion of setting up a bubble that is known as “trans-Tasman” which would allow people from New Zealand and from Australia to move between the countries freely.

The plans for immigrant students

Grant Guilford is the vice-chancellor of the University of Wellington in Victoria. According to him, the universities in New Zealand had been talking about the plans for using chartered flights to be able to get the immigrant students back to their universities. The University of Wellington is one of those who are okay with the idea of using chartered flights. Of course, he also mentioned that the universities of New Zealand are also going to be working with the authorities in immigration and authorities in health to make the plan a successful one. They have to consider a good process especially in terms of putting the immigrant students under quarantine when they get to the country.

This is surely a good idea from the universities in the country. The government of New Zealand has been doing a great job in working out the plans of combating the pandemic and this surely will be another plus point for the country to attract even more immigrant students.

Making it as simple as possible

The plan to use chartered flights is still being studied right now. The universities believe though that using this would be a really good thing because they want to make things as simple as possible so that the immigrant students would not have a hard time. Of course, there are still other factors to take into consideration so no concrete plan has been put together yet.

The universities are also talking about the accommodation for the immigrant students especially since they would have to be under quarantine when they get to the country. Being under quarantine is compulsory nowadays as part of the health requirements of New Zealand to help make sure that there would be no risks of bringing in the coronavirus in the country.

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