Wednesday, June 17, 2020

With Relaxed Borders In New Zealand, Essential Immigrant Workers Are Now Allowed Entry

As per recent news from the government of New Zealand, it has announced that the rules for immigration in the country will have to adapt to the new normal that the whole world has got to follow to stop the risk of the disease known as COVID-19. The changes are going to be major but they are going to be really helpful for those immigrants who want to be reunited with their families in the country. While previously there has been a requirement for dependents and the partners of the residents and the citizens of the country to have to travel together, this rule has been scratched out already.

The government of the country is also planning on making new criteria that would be for requests for those immigrants who can be classified as Other Essential Workers. These criteria would be used to create policies and programs that would be for short term criteria (which would less than half a year), and for long term criteria (which would be six months or more).

Immigrant workers who are considered short term and long term

Immigrant workers considered short-term in New Zealand would need to have skills that are unique, specialist, or technical that are not available in the country. They should also have a project that they would be working on that is time-critical like infrastructure projects. On the other hand, those immigrant workers who are considered to be long term should have a salary that is double the medium rate in the country. They should also have a job that is really important for science programs to be completed or to continue. They may also have a job that is important for an event that is approved by the government to be executed or delivered.

Phil Twyford works as the Minister for Economic Development and he said that there will be a threshold for all of the other essential immigrant worker visas and it will be quite high. This is an important thing to put in mind especially for those who may be planning on moving to the country as immigrants.

Other criteria for Other Essential Workers

Those essential immigrant workers can also request that their partner and their children who are still dependent on them be approved to join them in New Zealand. Those who have been approved under this category should also first go through quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days. During this time, the quarantine and isolation expenses would be shouldered by the person’s agency that sponsors them, by their employer, or by themselves. This quarantine is not going to be limited to essential immigrant workers – this will be implemented for all individuals who arrive in the country.

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