Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Novel Coronavirus Has Reduced Immigration Rate In Canada

For years, Canada has been one of the countries around the world that has been actively encouraging people to become immigrants there. It has created programs and pathways to help interested individuals make it to the country as per what the country needs. The government of Canada has also been expecting that it would be able to bring in a record number of immigrants by this year. However, because of the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus, Canada’s plans to bring in more immigrants this year have yet to become real.

Despite this, the country knows that it needs immigrants now more than ever and that is why it has put programs in place that would help bring in the needed individuals. Although it does understand that the number may not be as huge as it has planned but it will continue on accepting immigrants without sacrificing the safety of the people on its territory. A study has been done about this and it has predicted that the country may still be able to bring in at least half of their target which is not a bad thing given the current situation.

The plan of the Canadian government

Just this March, the government of Canada has stated that it was planning on bringing in around 370,000 individuals as permanent residents just for this year. However, a study done by a group has mentioned that because of the pandemic, there should only be around 200,000 individuals who can make it to the country as immigrants. This is a huge difference if this becomes real but it is going to be definitely better than not being able to bring in any new immigrants at all.

The capital city of the country, Ottawa, has also announced that it has a plan of bringing in more immigrants this year to its territory. However, this announcement was made four days right before the government has put restrictions on travel in the country. This has allowed for a lot less movement and immigration has also been put to a halt. Those who wished to leave the country were not able to do so while those who wished to get to the country were also stuck where they were.

The road towards recovery

A vaccine has yet to be found and countries like Canada have to create ways to make sure that the economy does not suffer. Immigration has been a strong driving force for the economy of Canada. It has been mentioned in a study that immigration rates are definitely going down this year because of the pandemic and the travel restrictions but that would only be temporary as by 2021, the world would be on its way towards recovery and things may start to kick back up by then in terms of immigration in Canada.

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