Thursday, June 4, 2020

Rakotz Bridge: A Beautiful Spot That Immigrants In Germany Can Marvel At

The world is full of beautiful spots to explore and be amazed at. All a person needs to do is have an adventurous side and take some time to explore what is available in the place that they are in. Those immigrants who are in Germany can have a grand time exploring the country since the place is not just all about beer and sausages. Germany is home to plenty of beautiful spots that should be explored since they are all amazing!

One of the places that immigrants in Germany can explore would be the Rakotz Bridge (which is also called the Rakotzbrücke. It can be found in Gablenz, Saxony. A lot of people may think that this is just yet another bridge but it definitely is not. Taking the time to explore this and visit the spot can do great wonders for a person. Read on and learn about this bridge and see just why it has become quite a popular spot for people in the country.

Where is it?

The Rakotzbrücke can be found hidden right in the Rhododenddron Park in Kromlau. It is a bridge that was built in the 19th century and it is made to look just like a perfect circle when it is reflected in the water. It is also known as the Devil’s Bridge because many people say that the whole thing looks quite impossible to be built and that is why it was built by the devil.

Its history

The bridge was commissioned back in 1860. A knight who came from a town in the area thought it would be great to have a bridge. The bridge was designed to be an arc that stretched right over the Rakotzsee. Various stones in the area were used to build this beautiful bridge. Experts nowadays do say that this bridge may have been built with aesthetics in mind rather than its use. If that may be so, there is really no problem there given just how beautiful it is.

The decorations

At both ends of the Rakotzbrücke, one can find amazing decorations. There are rock spires that are thinly built and made to look as if they were basalt columns that occurred naturally by nature. This is not surprising though as there are plenty of such basalt columns in tons of spots in Germany. The bridge was also built so that it is made to be half of a complete circle. The best time to take a photo of the bridge would be when the waters beneath it are quite still and there is enough natural light. The whole thing would make one think that it is a complete circle made from stone because of the bridge’s reflection in the water.

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