Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Restrictions In New Zealand Border Eased For People And Immigrants Involved In Sports, Infrastructures

With the way that the government of New Zealand has handled the pandemic, the country is now reeling in the benefits that come with it. The country was one of the first nations in the world to impose a lockdown on its borders and so immigrants and other people who wished to enter the country had to put their plans on pause. But that sacrifice has been quite beneficial now that the country has controlled the spread of the novel coronavirus and it has also started to ease the restrictions on its borders, which is a good thing.

In recent news, the country has already eased the restrictions that it has put in place for certain people. Individuals who will be participating in over a dozen events in sports in the country can now start flying to the country. Aside from them, New Zealand is also easing the restrictions for immigrant workers who are involved in projects in infrastructure. They are the ones who are now qualified to enter New Zealand.

Those who can enter the country

Not all sporting events are included in the list of those who can enter the country. Those who can make it to the country are those individuals who are part of the Ironman competition. Also included are those who are a part of the championships for junior badminton. Those who will be participating and will be working as crew members in sports events like America’s Cup and New Zealand Golf Open are also allowed to enter the country. Also included are those who are part of the world cups for cricket and women’s rugby which will happen next year.

As for those involved in infrastructure projects, those that can enter the country are the ones who would be working on the building of hospitals as well as upgrading roads in New Zealand. They also include those who would be working on water treatment plants. The immigrant workers who would be entering the country have to be involved in projects that have been given approval by the New Zealand government. They also are not required to meet the annual income threshold of $106,000 which is needed for those who are considered as long-term immigrant workers.

Easing the restrictions

The changes in the restrictions for these individuals have already been imposed recently. The companies that are involved in these events and projects would be the ones to shoulder all of the costs that come with putting them under quarantine, as is required by the government of New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand has also disclosed that is recognizes that any restrictions on the country’s borders have been a cause of hardship for many of the immigrants in and outside the country, especially those who had to be away from their families and loved ones and those who were not able to go back to their jobs.

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