Thursday, June 18, 2020

Immigrants In Canada: What Country Is The Leader This Year So Far?

From January until April this year, Canada has been able to bring in 74,000 new individuals that are now immigrants in the country. This may not be as what the country has initially planned for the year, but with the havoc that is being spread about by the coronavirus and movement has been greatly restricted not only in Canada but in many other countries around the globe, Canada has to make do with what they were able to bring in.

The country had to put a lockdown along with many other countries around the middle of March this year which put a halt to bringing in new immigrants. However, before that, the country was already receiving and bringing new immigrants. The immigration rate has been quite high which was definitely going as planned. Before the lockdown was even imposed, the immigration minister had just announced that there was a new plan which was quite ambitious but was not impossible. The country was planning on bringing more than a million immigrants and make them permanent residents. This was going to happen this year until 2022.

Working with what they can work with

Interruptions have definitely been one of the obstacles that Canada is facing right now especially with immigration. The country has been highly in need of more immigrants and so it has been making do with what they can work with. Right now, despite the restrictions and such, the agency handling immigration has already gone back to work and has started processing applications from potential immigrants. There are definite restrictions to movement but the agency is trying to do the best that it can.

There have been definite changes in terms of how immigrants are being allowed in the country. There have also been an easing of some restrictions but major ones like social distancing and avoidance of face-to-face meetings have been taken into consideration. By doing so, the virus is contained and it does not spread any more than it already has, which is a very important thing to achieve.

What country leads in terms of immigration?

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) has released new data which shows just where the new immigrants in Canada has been coming from for 2020. India still remains as the top country where the new holders of permanent resident visas have come from. Those who have come from India made up 24% of the total amount of new permanent resident visa holders from January to April 2020.

Experts suggest that the main reason why India has been a leader in this regard because the people living in the country know how to speak the English language fluently. Another good reason is that the locals of India has the key characteristics that are needed in making a person eligible for immigration in Canada. These characteristics include having credentials from a college or university and also having work experience.

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