Thursday, December 14, 2017

After Exit From EU, UK Should Need More Workers For Food Industry

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One of the top things that had made a huge portion of Britons go out and vote for the United Kingdom exiting the European Union is because they believe that there is too much immigrants in the country and that the immigration rate is too high. The only way to solve this problem would be to actually have the country exit the union so as to stop the free movement of immigrants among EU member nations. What these people do not know is that once these EU immigrants are out of their country, their country would still badly need immigrants, mainly for labor.

What these Britons may be thinking is that there is still control over how immigrants come in and out of the country. That is what the exit may be for them. And that can be something that they can put to mind. After all, the country cannot not stop immigration as the UK badly needs them. The effects of the exit has not come just yet as the exit still needs to happen. But the effects would slowly creep up and the only way to get the effects out would be to bring in the needed immigrants.

Bringing in the immigrants

There are big industries in the country that are in need of immigrants because of the labor and the skills that they bring to the table. Among those industries that would definitely be affected once EU immigrants decide to leave the UK would be the farming industry as well as the food industry. These two industries are quite basic and are needed by the whole nation. If these stop functioning as they are right now, the whole country may be in trouble. After all, food is a basic necessity and food comes from these two industries.

What experts are looking at right now would be targeting certain countries for immigrants to do the hard work after the exit happens. The top countries that are seen to be bringing in the immigrants would be Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and the Philippines. These countries are known for citizens that are hard workers, reliable individuals, and have the necessary skills to help businesses and industries like the farming industry and the food industry.

Why the need for immigrants

Owners of businesses from these two industries are not happy to state just why they are up and ready for immigrants. According to them, Britons are not really that reliable when it comes to doing the hard work that come with the businesses and industries that they are in. The list of tasks includes getting milk from the cows at the break of dawn and even feeding all the chickens each and every day. It is hard work but somebody’s gotta do it. Since the Britons are not up for it, the immigrants come to the rescue.

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