Friday, December 1, 2017

Immigrant Numbers In UK May Start To Go Down If Exit From EU Happens

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One of the purposes for the government of the United Kingdom pushing for an exit from the European Union is actually to help lessen the number of immigrants that the country is receiving each year. The government of the UK believes that there is too much free movement happening and they would like to have the control back when it comes to the country’s borders. The very best thing that the government believes is to actually exit from the union so that they would have total control over the borders and that would mean also control over the numbers of immigration.

Experts who have been looking into the matter believe that the exit, if it does happen, will actually bring about a lessening of the immigrant numbers. This would be really a good sign as it means that the aim would actually be taking place. However, the experts continued that though the numbers may decrease if the exit happens, the numbers would still remain to be high above the target that Theresa May has been eyeing.

The experts have spoken

The new numbers have shown that the target of current UK prime minister Theresa May may not be achieved even if the exit does happen. What experts are seeing is that the numbers will go down but it will not go as low as what the prime minister is targeting. This is as per the Office of Budget Responsibility (which is also known as the OBR).

The OBR has recently predicted that the country will be able to put together a good policy on immigration once the exit happens. With these stricter policies, the numbers would most like go down. But that that significantly as what May really wants to happen. The OBR, as the official watchdog, has mentioned that by the year 2023, they are looking at having a net migration that would only amount to 165,000 and this is definitely a lot less as compared to what the country is receiving at present.

What the numbers show

Previous studies have estimated that the net migration in the country would only fall to 185,000 by the year 2021. This is computed by getting the total number of individuals coming to the country less those who have left the UK. This is definitely quite a huge decrease as compared to the net number that was recorded a year earlier which was at 250,000. The difference is definitely significant and it should make the government of the UK quite happy as the number is slowly starting to go down. To actually push for an instant decrease that reaches their target number would be quite an impossibility and would mean really drastic moves, which the government may have to avoid to avoid mayhem.

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