Wednesday, December 20, 2017

NZ Immigration Office In South Africa To Close Down, Brings Processing Back To New Zealand Soil

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A few weeks ago, the immigration department of New Zealand has announced that it is already planning on closing most of its offices overseas. This means that they are going to bring back most of the processing of services back to the country. Only a number of overseas offices would continue to run like it used to. Immigration New Zealand (which is also known as INZ) is already working on this and making sure that the processing of any applications for immigration to New Zealand would be done right on New Zealand soil.

This is good news for a lot of individuals who are in the country. This means that there are more opportunities for work in the country. Finding a place for employment would be made easier as there would be more options.

Among those sites that would be closed are those that are in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Moscow, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, and New Delhi. Two offices that are based in New Zealand would also be closing its doors. Another one that would be closed would be the NZ immigration overseas office in South Africa.

NZ presence will remain

According to the INZ, they will make sure that they will still a presence of some sort in these countries where they are closing their offices. This is to ensure that they would still be able to get information about the market and the type of individuals who may be interested in being immigrants to the country. Any activities that would need to be done to still be able to push through with any programs that they have to be able to bring in the required immigrants would still continue to happen. Only the offices would be closed down. Any relations would still remain.

Steve Stuart has stated that they are estimating lesser individuals employed outside the country. This may be from 250 to 300 individuals. These jobs would then be transferred to the country. Stuart works as the head of INZ’s visa services. He continued that it may be quite unsettling for those who would be affected and he says that they are very highly appreciative of the work, commitment, dedication, and professionalism that these individuals have displayed throughout their service.

Applications will still continue

Stuart has continued to disclose that those individuals who may be interested in getting visas can actually still apply online. If this is not an option for them, they can also physically send in their applications through INZ offices. All they need to do is find these offices online or through the yellow pages. Applications will still continue and this is an option for everyone who may be interested in going to the country.

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