Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Express Entry Sends 2,750 Invites To Potential Canada Immigrants

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While other countries are making sure that only very few and selected immigrants are able to get into their soil, what Canada is doing is making sure that they get the right immigrants in. Other countries have put a maximum limit to the number of immigrants that they would allow each year, Canada has put a limit to the minimum number. So in Canada, one can say that the more immigrants they get, the better it is.

Recently, news has it that this North American country has actually sent out 2,750 invites to what they have pinpointed as potential immigrants in Canada. This is going to happen via the Express Entry system that the country is using. This just goes to reflect that the country is still needing immigrants and it would not tire from getting more immigrants to the country. Through programs like Express Entry, the country is able to target and bring in the needed immigrants. If they need IT workers, then it would do so through such programs and bring in those potential immigrants who can also contribute to what the country needs.

Is this a win-win situation? Indeed.

Express Entry towards permanent residency

Through the Express Entry program, the Canadian government has already sent out 2,750 individuals for candidacy. These individuals, if they are interested, can actually apply for permanent residency. The Express Entry system is actually a program of the national government of the country. There was a draw for those 2,750 candidates and it happened just last 6th of December this year. To be able to be qualified, there was a score that was needed to be a part of the whole thing and the score should be 452. The score was taken using the requirements of the country’s Comprehensive Ranking System.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has introduced a procedure known as the tie-break and they launched it just this June. This procedure has once again been used for this draw. This was used to make sure that all of the individuals who would be receiving the Invitations to Apply (also known as the ITA) had passed all requirements in on or before the given deadline.

Background on the Express Entry

To be able to be part of the Express Entry system, individuals must have a duly filled up form that is known as the profile. Information about the individual would be needed and the list includes that person’s skills, educational background, experience with work, languages, as well as other important details that Canada would need to assess and give points to. It is essential that people understand the rules and policies when applying for this so that their chances of being an immigrant in Canada would be way higher.

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