Friday, December 15, 2017

New Zealand Wine Industry Not Happy With Delays In Immigrant Staff Process

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For business owners who are trying their very best to make sure that all processes in their business is continuous and does not bother any customers, the delay in staff processes for immigrant staff in New Zealand has got them quite not happy. However, on the end of Immigration NZ, the official brand of the New Zealand government that works with this issues, the delay actually is a fault of the business owners and employers as their office has not been given the right information for them to push through with what they need to do.

The delays have happened recently for the Immigration New Zealand. They had delays with the processing of all staff under the Recognised Seasonal Employer program. This is also known as the RSE. This brings in the staff that the employers need to continue to run their business with the help of the immigrants that are bringing in the labor. This delay has definitely made those among the wine industry to be quite frustrated with how things are going.

When it happened

As per reports, the delays had happened in the months of September and October. Because of such delays, the applications for the Agreement to Recruit (also known as the ATR) were also put on hold. Thus, processing of such had to be done a week later. This meant that also processing all the papers and documents of those immigrants under such programs also had to be delayed. Now, the wine industry which have been reliant on such labor force also had to deal with the delays. Once one part of a whole cycle is put on pause, the whole cycle is ruined. And this has been reflected in how things are going with the wine industry in NZ.

According to the government branch on immigrant, the delays were caused by an error on the employers’ end. As per their statement, the employers had submitted information but these pieces of information still had to go through clarification. It would not indeed be right to process unclear information for important matters such as immigration and labor.

Set back within wine companies

Yes, wine companies are now experiencing a set back in their businesses because of the delay that has happened in September and October. This is as per Marcus Pickens, the general manager of Wine Marlborough. With the Christmas season coming up real quick, their usual number of products is not up to the usual. If the delays did not happen, they may have been able to provide the usual number that they have each year. But this time, they have to double their efforts or may have to work with what they have at present.

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