Friday, December 8, 2017

Unique Canada Immigration Program For STEM Students

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For all of the students who are looking to be immigrants in Canada, this is the right time to start planning that move. Manitoba, one of Canada’s provinces, has put together a good program for immigration. It is soon launching the very first immigration program that would fast track their move to the country. This is open for all students from around the world and to be able to qualify for this program, they must have a degree in STEM (which is also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Once an individual is able to pass the requirements, moving to Canada as immigrants would be way faster than the usual route.

This new program for immigration of STEM students is known as the International Education Stream. This is available only for those international students. They should have studied already in Manitoba. This program comes with a number of tiers for the students to be qualified and sorted into.

The International Education Stream

This new stream is the very first of its kind in Canada. For those who are qualified, the best that could happen to them would be the chance to apply and be considered for permanent residency in the country. This is available for those who are just graduated. As soon as they finish their course and studies, they can already start applying for permanent residency. This is good because the qualifications only ask for that and the new graduates do not need to have any kind of offer for a job. They also do not need to have any type of experience with work. The International Education Stream would be open for any applicants starting April of 2018.

Ben Rempel works as the assistant deputy minister for Manitoba’s immigration and economic opportunities. On the new stream, he says that this one actually puts high prioritization for the graduates of STEM. The program has been created so much so that it can help bring up the number of the immigrants in Manitoba that are skilled and have the right knowledge. These individuals would be able to contribute well to the economy of the province, and to the whole nation.

The thought behind the International Education Stream

Rempel has chosen to disclose the very thought behind the new stream in Manitoba. According to him, this is a good opportunity for international STEM students to take advantage of. The chance to become a permanent resident of Canada does not come easy and this program is one of those exceptions. The very thought behind this is that they are creating new pathways for these students to have so that the potential skilled individuals would already be in the country and, thus, be able to contribute later on once studies have been completed.

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