Thursday, December 21, 2017

Job Vacancies In Canada Are Now Highest Number Recorded

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Any potential immigrants to Canada just may think that this is certainly good news. See, a new report has shown that there is a huge number of job vacancies in the country at present. This is as per the private sector data. This is one of the highest numbers ever recorded when it comes to job vacancies in the country and this is for the data for 2017 and its third quarter. The report has been created by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, which is also known as the CFIB.

For this situation, the Canadian government just may already be formulating programs that should help alleviate this. It means that there would be more opportunities for those who are looking for jobs in the country. For several positions that may need specific skills and experience, the government may start by looking for those who are capable of doing the job in the country. If the people in the place are not able to fill such needs, then it is the time that the Canadian government would seek for the right people to do the job outside the country.

The job vacancy rate that reached 2.8 per cent

For the mentioned quarter of 2017, the job vacancy rate in the private sector of Canada has reached 2.8 per cent. This is as per the report done by the CFIB. With that, this number is actually quite similar to what the country has faced back in the earlier parts of 2008, which is nine years ago. On this, the CFIB has stated that 2.8 per cent of job vacancies mean that there is around 361,700 vacant positions that need to be filled.

These jobs have been open for a minimum of four months to be included in the data. Four months of having such a huge number of vacancies can be quite troubling because it is quite a huge number. Basically, asking employers and business owners about this, they would inform you that this is because the right person for the positions have not been found and that is why the job positions are still left vacant. Putting just about any person for the position just to fill up the need is not going to work as it would be a waste of time and of resources as well.

What the private sector needs

Ted Mallet has stated that on this situation at hand, it is important that such vacancies are filled. This means that businesses are not able to do what needs to be done as there is not enough manpower to keep the business flowing smoothly. The government definitely has to take action regarding this as this should also affect the country’s economy if this stays this way for long. Mallet works at the CFIB and he is the organization’s chief economist.

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