Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ed Sheeran Wishes To Be A Citizen Of New Zealand

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In recent celebrity news, it seems like Ed Sheeran is quite happy to be a citizen of New Zealand. This is what the very popular singer and song writer has spoken of quite recently. For him, the country is a place that he would want to live in. Well, that is definitely not surprising as New Zealand has been a haven and a paradise for all of those individuals looking for a new country to live in. And with Ed Sheeran telling the whole world that he would like to be a citizen of this country, it just helped boost the country’s reputation and made even more individuals be excited to move there as well. This is a celebrity and he is happy to live there. Just goes to show how world-class New Zealand’s living conditions are.

With Ed Sheeran’s statement on wanting to be a citizen, NZ’s Prime Minister has her own statement. Jacinda Ardern, the PM of the country, says that she first has to learn just where the celebrity stands on jandals. This should help her make a good decision on whether Sheeran should be given a citizenship or not. Jandals are actually footwear and are a shortened form of Jesus sandals.

The interview of Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran was recently interviewed and it was during this time that he mentioned that he really loved New Zealand and would want to be a citizen there. The pop star from the United Kingdom says that he loves Aotearoa and this is the name for the country in Maori. As per the pop star, his favorite city actually is Wellington and this is from all other cities in the world. Wellington is the capital of the country and is also the 2nd in terms of population of urban spots in NZ.

He has mentioned that to be a citizen in the country is one thing that he would like to become. He also continued to disclose during the radio interview in the country that he would be even willing to go ahead and ask just how to go about doing that. He also shared that he may not be a citizen right now but he will be doing all the work to be able to achieve that. Sheeran continued to say he would want to get help from the Prime Minister.

What the PM has to say

On that, Ardern said that she may have to grill Sheeran about his credentials if he really wishes to become a citizen. She had some questions which she sent via a video so that Sheeran can answer those as the request that Sheeran made for citizenship was quite informal. One of the questions that she asked was about the jandals and another one was if he knew what pineapple lumps were and if he likes them.

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