Wednesday, December 6, 2017

One Year After Voting For The Exit From EU, UK Net Immigration Numbers Go Down By 100,000

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It seems like the United Kingdom is now becoming quite unattractive for all of the citizens of the European Union after the country has voted to exit from the European Union which it currently belongs to. Right now, the country is still a part of the union but in the near future, Britain just may push through with doing its exit. The number of immigrants in the country has definitely gone down one year after the vote has been completed. However, this is mainly because of the EU immigrants who have chosen not to move to the country. What is interesting to note is that there are many immigrants still to the country and they come from other parts of the globe.

By looking at the numbers of immigration in Britain, one would be able to see that over 100,000 have been reduced from the net right after the exit has been voted on. Since the year 2013, the number of individuals as immigrants in the United Kingdom has definitely gone down and this year has got to be the lowest ever recorded since that year. Definitely shows just how the EU citizens are looking at the UK after the big decision.

The numbers tell the story

Getting the information from the data starting at January 1st of this year up until the end of June, the net number for immigration of those coming to the UK came to around 230,000. This was definitely a huge decrease as a year earlier, the net was 336,000 for the same period. That is a difference of around 106,000. This may be good news for the country’s prime minister, Theresa May, who is pushing for a lower number of immigrants per year in the country.

The data also reflects that there is also a lot less immigrants from individuals hailing from the European Union. The drop is definitely remarkable and experts who are looking into the matter say that the country is surely not as attractive as it was before for those from the EU. If this continues, the country just may have to deal with finding the right people to do the jobs needed in the country. Though the UK may seem unattractive for those from the EU, the country still has the rest of the globe to look for the right skilled immigrants.

The rise in jobs taken

Despite the decrease in number from the EU immigrants, there is a bright future shining. According to the immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, the number of immigrants coming to the country with confirmed work and job positions has risen. This means that there would be no problem with the workforce and that the UK is still attractive for those individuals from other parts of the world.

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