Monday, December 18, 2017

Private Sector Tapped To Put Together New Canada Citizenship Test

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The government of Canada is a good example for other governments to try and emulate. This is primarily because it understands its limits. Recently, it has seen that a new citizenship test would be needed and to be able to put that together, the best thing to do to move forward with such plans would be to actually go ahead and tap the private sector to help them out. Whatever works best is what the Canadian government goes for. Of course, this is good as it means being effective and efficient.

A new version of the citizenship test in Canada would soon be rolling out. However, work still needs to be done and this is all thanks to a private group that the federal government of the country has tapped to do the work. This group would be putting together a draft which would then be submitted to the government for feedback and for suggestions. Once approved, it would then be ready to go.

The needed test

Just recently, the Canadian government has sent out a request to get a proposal on the services that would be given to the country regarding the creation of the Canada Citizenship Test. The request included the details of what they want done and it was sent out by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is more known as the IRCC). It detailed that the private sector should be able to create and develop a total of 400 questions that are multiple choice. These would become official questions once approved. The group should also work on a blueprint that would serve as a trial of the whole test. The requirements also asked the group to create 15 different versions of the test that they were making.

No value has been mentioned yet regarding the payment for such a services. No bidder has yet stepped forward but all of those groups, businesses or companies who are willing to take on the task have until the middle of January to send in their proposals. The contract, once a bidder has won, would be for a full year. So this means that work on the task would end by the early part of 2019.

The overhaul that would be done

The new test has yet to find a group that would take on the challenge of creating it. And so, as per the IRCC through a spokesperson, the date when the new test would be sent out is still unknown. This is a part of an overhaul of the whole guide that would help out those who would like to be citizens of Canada to be prepared. Now, the guide would be done by the federal government and would not be outsourced to the private sector.

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