Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Zealand Lures Immigrants Through Warm Welcome

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There are only a few countries in the world where a warm welcome can be found. Not many countries have a culture where welcoming foreigners and immigrants are something that they indulge in or even spend time with. In fact, they just would not care if there are people from other countries where they live. Some are even not happy to have new people in their country.

However, there are countries who are more than happy to welcome new blood to their soil. And the list of countries who belong to such a category include New Zealand. This country has been quite known around the world for having such a reputation. That is why many immigrants are more than happy to fulfill all the needed requirements so that they would be able to live and enjoy what New Zealand has to offer. It is really something to be welcomed quite well to a new place especially if these newcomers do not know anyone around.

A study reflects this

Immigration New Zealand is the official branch of the NZ government that deals with immigrants and everything else related to them coming to the country. This branch has created a survey and the results really reflect just how warm and welcoming New Zealanders are. According to the results, out of ten immigrants, nine of them disclosed just how warm and welcoming they find the locals. The type of welcome that they have experienced has been equal or even more than what they had expected to get when they got to the country.

A survey was also done by Expat Insider back in 2015. For that one, the results showed that 94% of all of the immigrant respondents have been more than happy to disclose that they have found the locals to be quite friendly or even very friendly. In a global survey, New Zealand has found its way to the second spot for the category where immigrants were asked what country they were able to settle in quite easily.

The warm culture of welcoming new people

It seems like the people of New Zealand are quite the naturals when it comes to having a warm culture of welcoming new people. This is not surprising as the country was built from having a lot of immigrants coming there. Being in a new place is not a stranger to those who are in the country and so they really do understand just how it feels to be in a new place without knowing anyone.

With that, this type of culture has been able to bring in a lot of immigrants and has been able to keep those immigrants in the country as they are more than happy to stay there with the type of lifestyle and culture that they have been given upon arrival.

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