Monday, December 11, 2017

UK Not Popular Among European Immigrants, Still Popular For Those Outside EU

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The citizens of the members of the European Union are not finding the United Kingdom to be as popular as they used to look at it. This can be attributed to the big vote that happened in the country as per whether the country should or should not go ahead with exiting the European Union. The final numbers have shown that the country should and this means that there would be a lot of other changes that would be coming with it. One would be the restriction and limit to the free movement that all residents of the European Union enjoy.

With the possible changes affecting those members of the European Union, those who may get the not so good effects have decided to keep themselves safe and find security somewhere else since the UK would not allow them to get that there anymore in the future once the exit really does happen. These Europeans have been quite quick on their feet and have taken the liberty of moving out of the country. Ever since the vote on the exit had happened and the results were shown, Europeans started to make new plans and move out of the country.

The numbers of immigration

Before the vote, there has been a campaign for both sides - anti and pro. Those who believed that the exit was important were majorly about not having too much control over the borders of the country. It seems like it was really a good campaign for those who are pro on the issue at hand and they got the results that they wanted. However, what they did not expect was for the EU residents to actually not find the UK quite as popular as it had been before the big vote.

Immigration to the country that was for long term had actually gone down by at least 19%. This is definitely quite a big fall and is something that would have big changes happening in the country. The number is as per the data released by the country’s Office for National Statistics (or also known as the ONS).

The need for immigrants

This is good news though for a lot of potential immigrants from other parts of the world who still look at the UK as a good place to live in. The country is now in need of immigrants who would help boost the aging population as well as provide the needed labor by a lot of the country’s businesses. Although it may seem like a negative thing for those in the EU, it seemed like the exit has opened new doors for all of those who come from other parts of the world.

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