Monday, April 9, 2018

13 Immigrants Are Now New Zealand’s Most Recent Citizens

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The process of being an immigrant is not something as easy as going to the grocery store and purchasing what is needed. In fact, it can be described as a process where one’s patience can be tested. There are requirements that an interested individual must be able to fulfill and these should be in accordance to the rules and policies that the country has set. So for those who have been wanting to be immigrants in New Zealand, these people would have to make sure that they are able to fulfill all the needed requirements to be granted the chance to be an immigrant in this country.

Being an immigrant is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the immigrants want to become permanent residents of the country as it offers quite a relaxed and wonderful lifestyle that is beneficial overall for people. With that, immigrants have to go through another process to be able to get the residency status that they want. And recently, thirteen new citizens have been granted the status that they have been working hard for.

Welcoming 13 new citizens

The newest citizens of New Zealand had their own stories to tell regarding how they were able to get to their goals. For one of them, the process was quite eventful and so the reward is definitely worth it. The latest citizenship ceremony had happened last 29th of March in Hawera in New Zealand.

For Julia Collier, the whole journey was definitely something that she could tell her grandchildren about. Collier was from Mexico originally and she definitely is happy that she has now gotten the status that she has long wanted and worked for. It took her eight years to be able to get to her goal but it was all definitely worth it. For her, New Zealand is not just a home for her. As an immigrant, she has already found a home in New Zealand and has loved what it has got to offer. Now that she is officially a citizen of this place, she is very proud to say that New Zealand is not just a home for her but it is also her country.

The citizenship ceremony

For those who have worked long and hard to become citizens of New Zealand, the citizenship ceremony definitely puts everything they have worked hard for official. Most of those who attend such include the family and friends of the new citizens. It also includes councilors of the districts as well as board members of communities. These people are the support groups who do their best to make sure that the welcome to the newest citizens of the country would be something that they would remember.

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