Monday, April 2, 2018

New Survey Reveals Consistency In Positive Outlook Towards Canada Immigration

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Canadians are known to be quite positive people. The running joke is that even if someone provokes a Canadian to a fight, the Canadian would be the one to apologize. Of course, in reality, it should depend on the situation. But these people are really not that focused on going for the negative but have a way of life that focuses more on the positive. This is what brings a lot of people to the country as immigrants as one could definitely use more positivity everyday.

In a latest study done by the Environics Institute, it seems like the positive attitude of Canadians has not changed that much. In fact, when it comes to their view on immigration in their country, their positivity has not changed a bit. They are still very positive about immigration and immigrants on their soil. There are definitely factors that may have changed how they looked at it but these have not worked as Canadians are quite still feeling positive. The study was done through a survey.

The factors that would have changed positivity

There are a lot of things happening in a country every day. And so, with these, it is expected that people’s thoughts and ideals and attitude towards something would also change. However, in the case of immigration and immigrants, it has not. There are various factors that may have affected how Canadians may see this and the list includes those individuals who are looking for asylum in Canada after they were not granted entrance in the United States. There were also those times when the world has been really negative on immigration per se. The Canada government has also been planning on bringing quite a huge number of immigrants to the country.

Other factors also include Syrians also flocking towards various countries, Canada included, as refugees. Other nationalities or other countries may already be frowning upon immigration but that is not the case in Canada. The locals of the country still are remaining positive. The survey conducted has shown that the locals believe that the rate of immigration in the country are just right and are not affecting them in any negative way.

The survey conducted

As per the study conducted, around 60% of the Canadians that took part in the survey do not agree that there is already too much immigration happening in the country. More than 60% have also disclosed that the immigrants were doing their best in adapting to the new values that they are in contact with. 80% of those that were part of the study had also shared that immigrants were affecting the country’s economy positively.

The study was done just this February of this year and it has shown just how positive Canadians are still with regards to immigration.

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