Friday, April 6, 2018

Ending European Free Movement In The UK Could Lead To Population Shrinkage

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The world has been talking about the upcoming plans of the United Kingdom to actually go through with its exit from the European Union. This is a big deal and it will definitely have great effects to the country. According to a new report, one of the top changes that could happen to Britain if this move goes through is that there would be a shrinkage in population especially in some parts of the country once free movement of EU member nation immigrants come to a halt.

According to a new study that was done, some parts of the United Kingdom would be experiencing shrinkage in terms of population. This should happen once the net immigration also slows down because of the end of the free movement between European Union member nations. This is as per the very first inquiry done on an official basis with regards to what the country would need in terms of immigration and immigrants. The labor market in the country would definitely be affected by this greatly as there would be a lot less immigrants in the country.

The newest report and its findings

The report was done by the Migration Advisory Committee of the country and it was published just a week ago. The findings had disclosed that a huge portion of employers in the country have been hiring workers straight from the European Economic Area (which is also known as the EEA) along with three other countries – Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway. As per the employers, they are hiring from these places because locals there are qualified to do the work and are also a lot more motivated as compared to workers in Britain.

Another point that the committee has been able to see is that the wages of these immigrant workers may also be a big factor in why UK employers are choosing to get employees from these countries in Europe as compared to hiring locals. These immigrant workers can be paid a lot less as compared to paying local Britons. This would mean that they are able to get more savings for their business. Of course, not many business owners would claim that such is true.

Meet the MAC

MAC is the other term for the Migration Advisory Committee and it was Amber Rudd who actually put MAC into action. Rudd is the home secretary of the country. And with Rudd’s authorization, the MAC set out just last July to actually go ahead and do an investigation on what the effects would be to the labor market of the country once it pushes through with leaving the EU. The committee also had to work on checking into what the country would need in terms of immigration so that its economy would remain strong.

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