Thursday, April 19, 2018

UK Work Growth May Be Affected By Curbing EU Free Movement

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According to experts who have been looking at the possible situation that the United Kingdom may be facing once the plan to exit the European Union happens, it is very possible that the work growth in the country would be greatly affected. This would be in terms of the lower growth in the number of jobs as well as a lower growth in terms of output from those who are doing the work. This would be very much likely be the situation once the United Kingdom pushes through with its plans of putting a restriction on the current free movement of immigrants from European Union member nations.

The migration advisers of the government who have been looking at what the future could bring if the plans push through is that the UK economy would also very much suffer because of the lowered growth in the number of jobs that the country would be experiencing. The lessened output in terms of work would also be a key ingredient in a weaker economy of the country. It is highly important that the government looks into these so that any plans can be made to make sure that these do not really happen.

What the experts say

Experts who have been focusing on the labor market have also looked at the data and created projections on what could possibly happen after the exit happens. Not having free movement from EU would bring about a lesser growth in terms of population in some parts of the country where these immigrants have chosen to reside in. At present, the country is in need of immigrants as their population is basically on the aging part. New blood could definitely boost the age average of its population.

Economists have also been saying that employers should be doing something about the possible things that could happen. Employers are suggested to work on having better wages so that they could bring in the needed immigrant workers to help them out with the work. It may also help inspire more of the locals to get up and help out with the various industries through their services and labor.

Paving the way for the final policies

New policies will be definitely made sometime in the future so as to be prepared for the exit from the EU. Amber Rudd, the country’s Home Secretary, has put together the commission that has been working on the data and the analysis of the numbers. Final plans with regards to the future policies may be put together by autumn of this year so as to help out have better plans and solutions to possible problems and issues. That way, any grave situations may be avoided so as not to affect the country greatly.

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