Monday, April 30, 2018

Chinese International Students Biggest Holders Of New Zealand Visas

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New Zealand, at current times, is one of the top destinations and goals for many potential immigrants. These individuals are looking for a new country that would become their new home and many have chosen and eyed New Zealand as the dream country to be in. However, wishing to become an immigrant in New Zealand is not just about one’s passion to be there. It is also about making sure that all the requirements set by the government of the country for immigrants should be achieved and submitted. This would then allow the government to send out visas to those who have passed the requirements.

There are a lot of these potential immigrants who are also looking for a country where they can get further education. New Zealand is also a top destination and goal for those individuals who want to get further studies as the country is home to a number of world-class colleges and universities. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of international students doing their very best to make sure that they are able to get to the country.

Chinese international students in New Zealand

According to data from the New Zealand government, Chinese international students have the most number of visas granted among all other international students from around the globe. These individuals have been granted such and so one can definitely see many Chinese international students there. As per the data last year, more than half of the international students who were given visas were from China. These individuals who were given such visas are allowed in the country and can pursue higher education there.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (also known as the MBIE) is the department of the New Zealand government that deals with public service. The data from this arm of the government has shown that there were almost 50,000 individuals who were given visas as immigrant students for the year 2017. Out of that number, there were 28,588 visas given to immigrant students from China. That is more than half of the total. The group had an average age of 21 years old.

All those international students

The MBIE had continued to disclose that around 2/3 of those international students who are in New Zealand are not only studying but are also working. These individuals were going for education in the country and had a lower level than a bachelor’s degree.

Iain Lees-Galloway works as the minister for immigration and he has stated that the country is also working on making sure that the education that they are giving would actually be of quality. This is definitely good news for all of those international students in the country and for those who are interested in pursuing education in NZ.

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