Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Zealand Immigration Numbers Still Go Up Despite Restrictions In Policy

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In New Zealand, many immigrants are finding their way there and this is despite the strict restrictions that had been added to the country’s immigration policy. This seems like a reflection of just how much people are willing to get to the country as immigrants and they will do everything to be able to get there. New Zealand has been one of the top destinations for immigrants and many are able to reach their dreams by simply following all the needed requirements that the country’s government is asking for from all its applicants.

Recently, the strict changes to the immigration policy have not stopped immigrants from making their way to New Zealand. There has still been an increase in the number of people arriving in the country. According to numbers from the country’s government, last year, 2017, New Zealand has been able to record the biggest net gain that the country has ever recorded so far. This simply shows just how much people really want to be in New Zealand. Of course, this is not surprising as the country is known to be quite a good and relaxing place to be in with quite a strong economy.

The numbers for immigration

In a report that was released very recently, New Zealand had welcomed a net gain that amounted to 72,300 individuals who were a combination of permanent immigrants and immigrants for long-term. That was for the period of 2016 to 2017. That number is an increase of 4.7% as compared to the year before. This information can be found in the report in Migration Trends that is published every year.

For the seventh year straight, this period also has shown an increase in terms of the number of work visas for individuals coming to the country. There were 152,432 workers who were going to temporarily be in the country who came in as per June 30th of last year. This number is definitely higher as compared to the year before that by 16%.

Despite the increase in these, there has been a noted drop in terms of new global students coming to New Zealand. For this group, the data has gone down by 3%. For the period that was used for the study, only 75,578 individuals had gone to the country who were holding student visas.

The analysis of the numbers

Paul Spoonley went through the data and he has seen that the net gain that the country experienced in terms of immigrants had gone up for the fifth year straight. He said that this is something worth looking into as there have been stricter policies on immigration in New Zealand and yet there has been a notable increase in the number of people coming in. Spoonley works as a professor at the Massey University. He is also an expert in sociology as well as in immigration.

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