Thursday, April 5, 2018

Quebec, Canada Investor Program May Undergo Changes

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The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is one of the top programs in Canada that has been bringing in immigrants that has helped the country become stronger and better in terms of economy. As its name suggests, it focuses on Quebec only and it has been bringing in the needed investor immigrants for its entire duration.

Recently, Quebec, a province in Canada, has sent out a new proposal which aims at changing its Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (which is also known as the QIIP) as well as other immigration programs that the province has. The province is home to a number of immigration programs. These programs vary. There are programs that are focused on having the immigrants move towards a higher goal which is to actually go ahead and apply for a permanent residency status in the country. There are also programs that are focused only on giving the individual a chance to apply for a temporary residency status in the country.

Meet the QIIP

The QIIP is known as a passive program that focuses on investment. It is the only one of its kind which is being used in a province in Canada. This program allows the individual candidate to actually push on and work on getting and applying for a permanent residency visa in the country. This is one of the reasons why there is a huge number of individuals who are doing their very best to be able to get to the country via this program.

It is quite a popular one at that. The QIIP has a quota as per the number of individuals who can apply and get approved. The statistics for the program have it that it does not take long to get the needed quota as many are really interested in this and do their best to be able to get in. For last year, the QIIP had a quota that amounted to 1,900 individuals.

The possible changes

As per the proposed changes to the QIIP, these were sent out last 28th of March. There may be an increase in the required net asset as well as investment as compared to the last changes done to the program. The current requirements indicated that an individual who would want to apply for investor immigration should have a net asset that amounted to CAD $1.6 million at the very least. The person must also have CAD $800,000 as investment as well. This would most likely have to change and go higher with the new proposal that has been sent out. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that the proposal has yet to go through studies and research before it would finally be approved.

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