Friday, April 20, 2018

Net For New Zealand Immigration Forecasted To Go Down

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For quite some time, the immigration levels in New Zealand have remained high. In fact, there was a period last year when the numbers each month seemed to break record after record after record. It was just a simple reflection of just how popular the country was to immigrants and how hard people have been working hard to be able to become immigrants in this country.

In recent news, it seems like experts have been looking at the immigration situation in New Zealand and they have found out that the numbers for immigration are likely to go down sometime in the future. This has been included in the report that has been created by the Minister of Business, Innovation and Employment (which is also known as the MBIE). The report has stated that the average migration numbers for the country will most likely go down to just around 65,000 individuals by June of 2019. This hypothesis has come from studying and uses the current policies and situations that immigration in the country is using. The average number of 65,000 is definitely lower from that of last year’s June number which came up to 72, 300.

The story found in the report

The report that was put together by the MBIE is known as the Migration Trends report and this one is made for the period 2016 to 2017. The newest one is the 17th one as part of a series of reports that are being produced yearly. Its focus actually is looking in-depth into any trends that come with temporary immigration as well as permanent immigration in the country. The data comes from official numbers from the government and these numbers are collected, studied, and analyzed to be able to find the story beneath.

As per the report, the latest period studied had shown that there was a decrease in the number of people who were given approval for residency in the country and the decrease amounted to 8%. The year before that, the country was able to get an increase of 21%. The difference is definitely huge and should say something about the trends that are happening in the country.

Some of the numbers

For the period studied, the report was able to find out that there was an increase in terms of the number of temporary workers that are in New Zealand. There were 152,432 of these temporary workers during the period studied and this number is a 16% increase as compared to the number of the year before that. This shows that many are venturing to the country despite just being a temporary worker there. Of course, it may also reflect the government’s policies on immigration and the need for workers.

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